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  • Travis Reid
    General Sales Manager

    Bio; I've been working in dealerships for 30 years and got hooked the first time I knew that I changed somebody's life. I now live for those moments that I know I've truly helped somebody. 

    Birth Place: San Diego, CA. 
    Favorite Book: Psycho Cybernetics 
    Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction 
    Favorite Quote: "Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do" John Wooden
    Hobbies: Weigh Lifting-spending time with my son and anything Jeep. 

  • Brian Hagberg
    Automotive Solutions Specialist

    My Goal: Helping people who at the end of the experience let you know it was their best experience. The car business has taught me a lot, from honesty, gratitude and empathy. 

    Born in: Virginea, Minnesota
    Favorite Book: The Four Feathers
    Favorite Movie: Gone with the Wind
    Favorite Quote: "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift: that's why we call it the present" 

  • Alex Rosner
    Automotive Solution Specialest

    Born in Oyster Bay, New York Moved to AZ in 1990. 

    Graduated NAU in 1994 with a BA in Marketing. 
    I have 20+ years in the automotive industry with 4 years here at Oxendale Chrysler Dodge Jeep.

  • Nate Phillips
    Automotive Solutions Specialist

    My Goal: Putting our customers first.

    Born In: Chico, CA
    Favorite Book: Bible
    Favorite Movie: Dead Pool
    Favorite Quote: "Do on to others as you would have done to you"
    Hobbies: Weight Lifting and Hiking. 

  • Ron Rudicel
    Automotive Solutions Specialist

    My Goal is Relentless: Customer Satisfaction. 

    Born in: Morion, IN.
    Favorite book: The Outsiders. 
    Favorite Movie: Transformers. 
    Favorite Quote: "Keep looking forward never look back"
    Hobbies: R.C. Cars. 

  • Gabriel Lennon
    Automotive Solutions Specialist

    My Goal: Building relationships with customers to help them find a vehicle that fits their lifestyle, wants, and needs.

    Born in: Lake Placid, Florida.
    Favorite Book: Motorcross Action
    Favorite Movie: Dust to Glory
    Favorite Quote: "Carpe Diem Seize the Day"
    Hobbies: Dirt-bikes, Hiking, 4 Wheeling Just about anything to do with the out doors. 

  • Todd "Crash" Neuhart
    Automotive Solutions Specialist

    Bio: I enjoy helping people find the right vehicle to fit their need, desires and lifestyle. I have been doing so for 15 years now. 

    Birth Place: Fullerton, CA.
    Favorite Book: Instruction Before Leaving Earth
    Favorite Movie: Any one by Frank Capra 
    Favorite Quote: "I know not what course other's may take, but as for me give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry 
    Hobbies: I love the water, salt or fresh. Swimming, surfing, boating, floating. I'm happiest on, in or near it. On land I like riding street or dirt, four wheeling, frisbee and football.

  • Joe Mount
    Service Director

    Bio: 34 Years Automotive experience. My goal is to provide value and transparency to all of our customers at Oxendale Chrysler Dodge Jeep and Ram. 

    Birth Place: Greenfeild, Massachusetts 
    Favorite Book: Midnight By Dean Koonts 
    Favorite Movie: "O Brother Where Art Thou"
    Favorite Quote: "Always do right this will gratify some people and astonish the rest"
    Hobbies: Antique and military Dodge and Jeep vehicles. 

  • Jessica Mohr
    Service Advisor

    Bio: 15 years of experience working behind the service counter. 

    Birth Place: Redlands, CA. 
    Favorite Movie; Mr. Right 
    Favorite Quote: "Happiness is a state of mind. It's just according to the way you look at things" 
    Hobbies: Baking 

  • Barbara Hess
    Service Adviser

    Bio; For 30 years my ambition has been providing quality customer service and assisting vehicle owners in making informed decisions regarding vehicle maintenance and repairs. 

    Birth Place: Stutgart, Germany 
    Favorite Book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coecho
    Favorite Movie; The Help 
    Favorite Quote: " No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted" 
    Hobbies: Refinishing wood furniture. 

  • Matt Knittle
    Service Technician

    Bio: I've experienced a lot and every day is a new day. 

    Birth Place: Brestal, Pennsylvania 
    Favorite Book: Bible
    Favorite Movie: Field of Dreams 
    Favorite Quote: "Never Give Up" 
    Hobbies: Misc/Playing Guitar and gardening 

  • Jim Boehmer
    Parts Solution Specialist

    My Goal: 25 Years experience. I work with my team to assure our customers have a great experience at Oxendale. 

    Birth Place: Dayton, Ohio 
    Favorite Book: The Twist of The Wrist by Kieth Code
    Favorite Movie: American Graffiti 
    Favorite Quote: "Today prepares us for tomorrow" 
    Hobbies: Boating, Camping, Atv's, Snowmobiling. 

  • David Irvin
    Warehouse Technician

    Bio: While my hands-on experience is limited, my dad being a drag racer and technician I have grown up around shops and cars my whole life. 

    Birth Place: Phoenix, AZ 
    Favorite Book: Three wide maria publishing 
    Favorite Movie: Bull Durham 
    Favorite Quote: "He Didn't slam you, He didn't bump you, He didn't nudge you, He rubbed you and rubbing son is racing"
    Hobbies: Dirt Track Racing. 

  • Ken Gilliam
    Parts Solution Specialist

    My Goal: Helping people. I have over 30 experience helping people with solutions to their parts needs.. 

    Birth place: Toledo, OH
    Favorite Book: Company Aytch.
    Favorite Movie: Same Time Next Year
    Favorite Quote:  "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."
    Hobbies: Guitar, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, ATVs, & Genealogy.

  • Billy Bonney
    Parts Solution Specialist

    My Goal: Helping people. I have 8+ years in the car business and look forward to great relationships with customers. 

    Birth place: Fort Huachaca, AZ 
    Favorite Book: How to keep your Volkswagen alive.
    Favorite Movie: Band of Brothers
    Favorite Quote:  "Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most"
    Hobbies: Family and working on air cooled cars. 

  • Billy Carlton
    Master Technician

    Bio: Over 30 years experience. I began going to the wrecking yard when I was 6 years old every Saturday. My fascination continues to this day, with all things Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. 

    Favorite Book: Battle Field Earth 
    Favorite Movie: American Graffiti 
    Favorite Quote: "Isn't life wonderful"
    Hobbies: Golf, Exercise, working on my old car.  

  • Jason Haidet
    Service Technician

    Bio: I've had a car obsession my whole life and dream of one day opening a auto customizing shop. 

    Birth Place; Upland, CA.
    Favorite Book: Low-rider Magazine 
    Favorite Movie: Natural Born Killers 
    Favorite Quote: "Of course its difficult its not a short-cut if it was easy it would just be the way" 
    Hobbies: Camping, Fishing and building low-riders. 

  • Josh Mcworthy
    Service Technician

    Bio: I have a diploma from Wyoming technical institute and one year of vintage off road restoring land cruisers and 7 and a half years shop foreman. 

    Birth Place: Cottonwood, AZ 
    Favorite Book: Halo Novels 
    Favorite Movie: Sand Lot 
    Favorite Quote: "If it was easy everyone would do it" 
    Hobbies: Hunting, Camping, Cars, Coaching and Softball. 

  • Robert Barnet
    Lube Technician

    Bio: Cars and Trucks have always been a part of my life. My Father and both Grandfathers were mechanics. It is my connection with them and I always really enjoy knowing all I can about any vehicle. 

    Birth Place: Phoenix, AZ. 
    Favorite Book: Where the Red Fern Grows 
    Favorite Movie: The Goonies 
    Favorite Quote: "Money is a number numbers never end so if you search for happiness in money it will never end and you will never be happy" 
    Hobbies: Hiking, Hunting, Camping, Drawing, Painting Tattooing, Welding, Dirt biking, and Cooking. 

  • Dan Hobbs
    Service Technician

    Bio; I have nearly 30 years in auto repair. I do the best I can to repair a vehicle right the first time. 

    Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings
    Favorite Movie: Top Gun 
    Favorite Quote: "Negative ghost rider the pattern is full" 
    Hobbies: Watching the Broncos and NASCAR 

  • Rich Paynter
    Service Technician

    Bio: 32 Years experience from lube tech to service tech. 

    Birth Place: Riverside, CA. 
    Favorite Book: Where the Red Fern Grows. 
    Favorite Movie: Fast times at Ridgemont High. 
    Favorite Quote: "Something worth doing is worth doing well" 
    Hobbies: Sports, Baseball, golf, football and NASCAR. 

  • Troy Hockett
    Service Technician

    Bio: I've been working on cars since I was a kid. Probably wont stop. 

    Birth Place: Santa Barbra, CA. 
    Favorite Book: How to fix you VW for the complete idiot. 
    Favorite Movie: The Goonies 
    Favorite Quote: "Imagination is more important than knowledge"
    Hobbies: Time with the kids, Fishing and fixing air cooled VW's.