Leap Of Faith Learning

 Oxendale Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Is proud to support Leap of Faith Learning during the months of May and June.

 Each Oil and Filter Change of $29.95, $10 will be donated to Leap of Faith Learning. 

Believing in Every Child's Potential 

At Leap of Fath Learning (FOFL) we know that every child is made in God's Image with unique and wonderful gifts. Our  mission is "to unlock the potential of every child with special needs through assessment, advocacy, and remediation and by sharing God's message of hope for their future." FLOFL provides neuropsychological evaluations through selected providers. Through workshops and training, parents learn how to advocate for their children and secure the services necessary for their success. To supplement and enhance these services, FOFL has a highly trained staff of tutors to help every child reach their full potential. 
According to the Centers for Disease Control 1 in 6 children struggle with developmental disabilities.


 LOFL supports Parents of Developmentally disabled children by assisting Families in :

With proper assesment and diagnosis parents can better identify their child's educational need and develop appropriate academic methods and life strategies. We can help families start that Journey. 
Through training we aid parents in becoming powerful advocates for their child. We can help families understand their rights, and provide input developing an effective Individual Education Plan (IEP). Negotiating the special education maze is often confusing and complex. 
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